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A Guide to Selecting a Webcast Provider

Pre Plan for success   Below we will discuss the steps that you should take before consulting a Webcast Professional.            If you are not familiar with the logistics involved for webcasting it can be a challenging hurdle for your organization...

1080p, 4k, 8k and beyond

1080p, 4k, 8k, and beyond   In this week's post we will discuss the different flavors of high definition video and what these new names actually mean.  There have been many exciting advances in the world of digital television in the past couple of years and we...

PowerPoint vs. Keynote – The Solution for You

PowerPoint vs. Keynote - The Solution for You.   Our latest blog entry will discuss the pros and cons of using each presentation platform and if we have time, we may go over some online options that are making headway in the industry. The first step to choosing...

Online Platforms vs External Storage

Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or other online file storage options for your meetings and events. The use of online storage platforms has become a hot topic now with clients feeling more secure storing their media offsite.  There has been less news and concern regarding...

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