Platform decision making 

Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Ustream, twitch, GoToMeeting and more…

With an ever expanding list of steaming services we can integrate with, knowing the in’s and out’s of each option can help in determining the needs of a broadcast.  Let NHAV be your guide to navigating this landscape.

Over 20 years of experience

Integrating with Your Level of Service

We offer the latest equipment and high definition broadcasting capabilities along with our professional level of services in all facets of production because making you online viewers feel like they are right in the room is a challenging task.  With interactive features we hope to bridge that gap for clients, attendees, and presenters.  Our goal is to make webcasting a truly inclusive experience for all, not just the offsite individuals.  Being able to ask questions of presenters, display data in real time, or create a survey transforms the standard event into something extraordinary.    

Treating your online guests with hospitality

Troubleshooting with respect

Often, clients are nervous with regard to technical issues during an event and this can be exacerbated with the added needs of a webcast.  With NHAV you are in good hands as we will tackle all aspects of tech related issues.  We will be your go to solution for on-boarding challenges, attendee login and viewer problems, and a host of other issues that we strive to remedy.  

We hope that you will offer us the chance to prove that webcasting can be a truly interactive experience for all.

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